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We are Cooper&Smith

Picture this:

You move out of home and into a tiny one-bedroom apartment in the city. Despite always thinking gardening and keeping plants was for grown-ups, you buy your very first plant.

A few weeks later, you *accidentally* come home with another plant. Then another, aaaaaand another. Oops.

You're addicted. You can't admit this, but your friends and family on Instagram can see you've gone completely plant-crazy. You can't go a single weekend without picking up a plant at the nursery, farmers market or hardware store.

And it's no longer just the plants, but the pots too. Tall ones, short ones, ceramic, concrete, ones for the table, ones that hang - and then you start propagating plants yourself, so you can grow your collection even BIGGER.

This is where Cooper&Smith began, an accidental plant passion project of newlyweds Liam Cooper and Amy Smith.

You, among 10 million others, probably saw them get engaged on YouTube.

Yep, that's us.

(How embarassing)

Meet Amy & Liam

Moving into our very first apartment, we lost the outdoor space and large living areas inside our home that we had taken for granted.

We quickly learnt that apartment living leaves little space for bulky pots and large planters. And most of the indoor living collections at the hardware store look like they're straight out of old nana's living room.

So after trawling the world-wide-web, we’ve curated the ultimate collection of propagation stations, that are perfect for city apartment living where space is tight and greenery is scarce.

Stop showing off your plant babies in bland hardware store pots and propagating cuttings in old pasta jars. Splurge a little and pick up one of our vibin’ propagation stations or industrial planters.

And when you do, make sure you show your friends and family just how plant-crazy you’ve gone. But don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone.

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Our favourite moments

We have so much fun building our plant collection, finding beautiful new products and travelling the world discovering plants in other cultures and environments. Read on as we share some of our favourite Cooper&Smith moments.

We visited Palm Springs last year and discovered this amazing cactus house at Moorten Botanical Garden. Makes me want to move to the US!

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I love watching plant cuttings grow in our propagation stations! It's so much fun seeing them transform into lush plants of their own!

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I searched for months and finally found my beloved Monstera Adansonii online. We took a risk and bought our first ever mail-order plant!

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I love watching Amy style our plants, she has such an incredible eye for it. Our beautiful plant babies look so grown-up in the photos!

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We visited Lincoln Park Conservatory in Chicago last year. They have a giant Variegated Monstera and it was amazing exploring all the amazing, lush plants.

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This is Fleur, who sits on my bedside table and gets great early morning light. I love the clean frame and simple black legs. Super cute.

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