Before We Start: What Is Plant Propagation?

Man looking at propagation station on kitchen countertop. Propagate plant cuttings in water. Natural timber frame with suspended glass propagation vessels handcrafted in Australia. Free shipping, Afterpay and Apple Pay available.

Plant propagation is the process of growing new plants from seeds, cuttings or other plant parts. There are many different ways to propagate plants, but the three main methods are Water Propagation, Soil Propagation and Division.

The first two are pretty self explanatory - growing plant cuttings in either water or soil. Division involves growing a new plant directly from the off-cut of another plant without needing to propagate new roots first, but is only possible with certain plants.

Cooper&Smith Propagation Stations allow you to propagate plant cuttings in water. This is our favourite method of plant propagation because it is easy, fun and our water propagation stations look stunning in your home or workspace.

How does plant propagation work?

Plant propagation begins with obtaining a plant cutting. These might be from existing plants you have at home, offcuts you’ve been gifted from friends and family, or sick plants that you want to try and save.

The plant cutting is submerged in water and placed somewhere it receives natural sunlight so photosynthesis can occur. In a few months, new roots will develop and the propagated plant cutting can be transferred to soil to continue growing. Alternatively, some varieties of plants can be left in water permanently.

Why use water to propagate plants?

It’s all about the process. By propagating plants in water, you get to watch plants “do their thang” which you don’t get to see when you use other methods. There is something really special about seeing roots pop out and grow, as well as seeing leaves develop too.

Nature is incredible. 

Propagating plants in water is perfect for beginners because it’s just so darn simple. If you’re just starting out growing your plant collection, all the information available can get pretty confusing. It’s easy to experiment with water propagation at any stage of your plant-keeping journey, plus it is a great activity for little kids too!

And if we still haven’t managed to convince you to try water propagation, just take a look at our gorgeous handcrafted propagation stations made right here in Australia. Whether you intend to grow plants from your propagated plant cuttings or not, you can’t deny that a propagation station is a stunning stylistic addition to any interior space.