How To Create a Gorgeous Green Office

Hands of a woman reaching to a plant on a work desk. Propagate plant cuttings in water. Natural timber frame with suspended glass propagation vessels handcrafted in Australia. Free shipping, Afterpay and Apple Pay available.

Whether it’s at home or in an office building, our How To Guide will help you create a vibrant, healthier, less stressful and more productive workspace with plants. 

Not only are they visually stimulating, but they can also improve air quality and oxygen levels, especially during the day when photosynthesis is occurring. 

Choose a low maintenance plant

You want to choose plants for your office space that don’t require a lot of water or too much attention. You might think you will love and care for your plants everyday, but take our word for it - that won’t happen.

Work gets stressful and sometimes you don’t even have time for a proper lunch. On days (or weeks!) like those you definitely won’t be thinking about watering that Peace Lily on your desk, and the last thing you want to see on Monday morning is a dead plant.

Choose a plant to suit your light conditions 

Unfortunately you’re probably not going to have as much flexibility in your office as you do at home, so making sure you choose a plant to suit your light conditions is important. If you don’t have natural light of some kind, photosynthesis won’t occur and your plant won’t survive. 

Is your desk in full sunlight? Do you have any natural light at all? Are you somewhere in between? Spending a couple of days working out how the natural light moves around your desk, office or workspace will help you choose a plant that will thrive. 

Here are some ideas for plants based on the amount of natural sunlight they will receive: 

Full Sun / Lots Of Sun 

Think cactuses and succulents.

  • Blue Torch Cactus
  • Desert Candle Cactus
  • African Milk Tree
  • Jade Plant 

Bright, Indirect Sunlight 

Most plants are happy in this environment.

  • Marble Queen
  • String of Hearts
  • Monstera Adansonii
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig 


Low fuss plants that look fab.

  • ZZ Plant 
  • Snake Plant
  • Devils Ivy 
  • Peace Lily 

Keep it clean and ditch the dirt

Don’t want to deal with dirt on your desk, remembering to water your plants or those pesky insects that your colleagues complain about in summer? Fair enough. 

While propagation stations are typically used to propagate plant cuttings before planting them in soil, they can actually be used as a permanent home for some types of plants. All you need to do is place a plant cutting in your propagation station and enjoy it!

We find that Devils Ivy, Marble Queen, and Monstera Adansonii are the best plants for keeping in water long-term, so give them a try and experiment with others as you grow more confident. 

Yep, pun intended.

Whether you choose to keep your plants in soil, water or both, you’ll love the inspiration and energy that comes from a little greenery in your workspace. And who knows, you might even inspire your colleagues to become plant lovers too.